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Self Catering - Holiday Rentals - Villas Apartments in Spain, Canaries, Balearics, Portugal, France, Italy, UK and Worldwide

Why a featured listing can help you ?

The featured listing will appear when you click the region of the page where your advert is positioned and can display up to three (3) listings at any one time. Each property will be shown as a thumbnail photo and detailing its location. Holdiay makers can then click on your listing and will be taken directly to your advert.

Our homepage featured listing position is prominently displayed box showing a single listing. All home-page  properties that are featured will be randomly rotated at regular intervals. As with the region page, a holiday maker can then click on your listing to be taken to your advert.

How many times will it get exposure !!!!

In the region page this function can list 3 properties at a time. Once there are more than 3 featured listings in a particular region, the property listings will randomly rotated at regular times. In any case each featured listing will receive equal exposure time.

The homepage displays 3 featured listing at a time and will rotate randomly at regular intervals to give all properties equal exposure.

Featured listing properties will begin showing on your region page from the date of purchase for 1, 2 or 3 months.

How much are featured listings?

1 month featured listing on a region page is £25.

2 month featured listing on a region page is £45

3 month featured listing on a region page is £60